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ICT, Electronic, Telecomm136 
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Security & Environment225 
Transport & Aeronautics56 
Food & Agriculture206 
Biotech & Medicine265 
Technical sciences87 
None technical209 

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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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Institution of public health

 Contact data
StreetSead bega Kulovica no.6 
ZIP, City, State 75000 - Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 
Phone+ 387 35 307 700 
Fax+387 35 257 467 
 Contact person

mr.sci. Nermina Mehinovic (Director of the Institution)
 Employees in RTD
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Water treatment     
» Food quality and security     
» Medicine and Health     
» Other Medicine/Health topics     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Public health issues
 RTD Experiences

 RTD focus of organization
public health

 Description of RTD activities
- Provision of statistical data on health, in order to monitor, estimate and analyze health condition of general population;
- Planning, organization and implementation of activities regarding the promotion of health and health education of general population;
- Planning, supervising of prevention measures, early detection of chronically diseases including addictions;
- Provision of prevention measures and health protection actions among elementary, high school and student population;
- provision of measures of hygienic-epidemiological protection and surveillance with the supervision under epidemical analysis of the situation on the area of Tuzla canton, provides active immunization and provides anti-epidemical measures;
- Provision and distribution of vaccines to primary health institutions in Tuzla
- monitoring on disinfection, disinfection and deratization, provision of preventive and anti-epidemical steps of disinfection, disinfection and deratization;
- Provision of chemical and microbiological sanitary services;
- Participate in creation and implementation of programs for health protection in specific situation;
- Collaborate with other relevant health institutions and/or organizations on the field of public health;
- Planning, organizing and provision of permanent health education and permanent professional development in the area of public health;
- Serological, bacteriological, chemical and viral examinations and tests regarding production and trading of food, water, air etc.;
- Examines the safety of drinking water, water for dialysis, water recreation, surface water and waste water, state water supply and safety of foodstuffs and items of general use;
- Performs sanitary surveys of employees who must implement to protect the population against infectious diseases, protect consumers and users;
- Participate in conducting external verification of the quality of professional work in other health institutions and private practice;
- Deals with the issuance of various forms of publications from the scope of their work;
- Performs other duties in accordance with the law.

 Experiences in international Programmes
Project Healthy School and prevention of cervical cancer. This project was part of the activities within the campaign Partnership to health. Project won Pearl of wisdom prize on International level, given in European Parliament in January 2010. in frame of EECA (European Cervical Cancer Association) activities.

 Inserted / Updated
2010-09-20 / 2010-09-23