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ICT, Electronic, Telecomm136 
Ind. Technology, Material176 
Security & Environment225 
Transport & Aeronautics56 
Food & Agriculture206 
Biotech & Medicine265 
Technical sciences87 
None technical209 

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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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 Last week2235  
 Last month7350  
 Last year128435  

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Ss Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics
Institute of Biology

 Contact data
StreetArhimedova 5, P.O. Box 162 
ZIP, City, State 1000 - Skopje (FYR of Macedonia) 
Phone+389 70 332 191 
Fax+389 2 3228 141 
 Contact person

PhD Mitko Karadelev (Full Professor)
 Employees in RTD
> 100
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Environment Pollution (Measuring, Health)     
» Food quality and security     
» Food industry     
» Timber Industry and Forestry     
» Bio technology     
» Medicine and Health     
» Diagnostics     
» Pharmaceutics     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Fungi
» taxonomy
» identification
» distribution
» ecology
» protection
» Republic of Macedonia
» Balkan Peninsula
» Asia Minor
» Pelister
» red list of fungi
» rare fungi
» parasitic fungi
» threatened fungi
» lignicolous fungi
» macromycetes
» Aphyllophorales
» cultural monuments
» degradation
» Pinus peuce
» Juniperus
» protected forest areas
» mycological collection
» Fungi Macedonici
» Macedonian Mycological Society
» fungi database.
 RTD Experiences

 RTD focus of organization
Science and education

 Description of RTD activities
Identification of lignicolous fungi, humano-toxic macromycetes, hallucinogenic fungi in the Republic of Macedonia, eco-taxonomic research of fungi , distribution of lignicolous macromycetes, parasites and saprobes on Juniperus spp. and Pinus peuce, medicinal species of macromycetes recorded in the Republic of Macedonia, country report of the Republic of Macedonia, preliminary red list of macrofungi in the Republic of Macedonia, macrofungi associated with conifers, anti carcinogenic and antiatherogenic activity of different fungal extracts typical of the region of Balkan Peninsula.

 Experiences in international Programmes
Macromycete diversity in Molika pine stands (Pinus peuce Grieseb.) in the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian Ministry of Science and Education and International Bürro, Bon, Germany); Macromycete diversity in juniper stands (Juniperus excelsa and J.foetidissima) in the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Turkey (Macedonian Ministry of Science and Education and Tubitak); Mapping and monitoring of macromycetes in Europe within ECCF; integration of the Latvian state institute of wood chemistry in the European research area: biodegradation of lignocellulose by wood-rotting fungi financed by EC; Protected forest area in Europe within COST Action E27 PROFOREST; Information network for protection of macromycetes diversity in southeastern Europe, financed by REC Budapest; Macromycete diversity in fir forests (Abies cilicica and Abies borisii regis) in the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Turkey (Macedonian Ministry of Science and Education and Tubitak); Anticarcinogenic and antiatherogenic activity of fungal exctaracts of seleted macromycete species from Balkan Peninsula in corelation with phylogenetic position of the taxa. (Macedonian Ministry of Science and Education and Slovenian Ministry of Science ); FP6 Project - The European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy, EDIT, for a network in « Taxonomy for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research ».

 Organisation is/was involved in projects funded by the following RTD programmes
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EU Framework Programme (FP)
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