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Association Qendra e progresit mjeksor QPM Center of medical progress
molecular- biology/Health

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StreetLagja Vojo Kushi, Rr. Nuri Bushati nr.10 
ZIP, City, State 4001 - Shkoder (Albania) 
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Dipl. Philologe Ilir Dervishi (general secretary)
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» Agriculture     
» Bio technology     
» Medicine and Health     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Bivaccine heterologues anticancer human
» New ThymusLymphocytes Cellules Genetic with the Selective Information (TLNGIS)
» The vaccine Anatoxic Heterologuos with composition of most toxins of blood that products the cancer toxic cellules and metabolic components of cancer cellules during their reproduction in the nourishing terrain invitro.
» The chemical medicament for combating the major disesases like TBC
» liver and gastro-enteric
» asthma.
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 RTD focus of organization
We are looking for partners and sponsors to colaborate in the news succesfully methodes and experiences.Thank you

 Description of RTD activities
Cancer- immune problems, - preclinic diagnosis , -curative, -prophylaxis, as well as molecular genetic studies for the Bivaccine heterologues anticancer human and for the chemical medicament in reference to frequent kidney illnesses, like TBC( turbeculosis), liver and gastro- enteric, asthma and the cure of chronic diseases as renal disorder, lungs disorder.

Bivaccine Heterologuos is composed of two biological components:
a- The vaccine with composition of New Thymuslymphocytes Cellules Genetic with the Selective Information (TLNGIS), able to recognise the cancer cellules in a selective manner and to eliminate those, everywhere they are on the organism of cancerous patients. The new selective information given to thymuslymphocytes cellules has been achieved by means of the micro-manipulation on the healthy thymuslymphocytes cellules (TLH), with fragments DNA of the cancerous cellules, of tissues, organs, also of blood`s and also thymuslymphoblastes (TLB) on the cancerous patients.
b- The Vaccine anatoxic: has been extracted by the toxin of tumor cancerous cellules.
The bivaccines (a,b) assure a complete and stable healing of cancerous patients, including the three large groups as carcinoma, sarcomas and the leucosis.
The cancerous patients, to who has been applied bivaccine heterologues, after their healing have not had recidive manifestations.

Both two medicaments(the new chem. medicament and the bivaccine hetroguos) bring a new primary technology on curing and healing of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and cancers, and AIDS too.

The Association QPM require that the research studies achieved during the activity
of Dr. Shuajp Kraja, on curing and healing of pathologies caused by bacteria, viruses and especially cancer, to be reproduced near by several independent european institutions what may bring a larger official dimension on the curing and the indisputable healing effects of the two medicaments.
The aim of his study is the healing of cancers in immunitary way including prophylaxis and pre-clinic diagnosis.
He started the study in 1963 and finished in 1999 achieving the production of a Bivaccine Heterologuos anticancer human.
Finally, the cancer triad THERAPY, PROPHYLAXIS and PRE-CLINIC Diagnosis, ends successfully.

 Experiences in international Programmes
Participation to the International Congress on Molecular Staging of Cancer,
Heidelberg Germany, between June 22nd -26th in 2006;

BioMeetingspoint at BIOTECHNICA HANNOVER 2007, Catalogues of Profiles pg.14
TO-AL-19986; presentation platform for all fields of application in the biotechnology sector: medical, agriculture

2nd VPM Vaccine Development Days,October9-11, 2007 Hannover/Germany
Biotechnica Hannover 2008-2009, Partnerring
Meeting and Conference about prostata-cancer in Ahrensburg/Hamburg, 2009

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  Coordinator  Partner 
EU Framework Programme (FP)

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