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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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University of Zagreb

 Contact data
StreetŠalata 3 
ZIP, City, State 10000 - Zagreb (Croatia) 
 Contact person

Professor Nada Čikeš (dean)
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Bio technology     
» Diagnostics     
» Pharmaceutics     
» Medicine and Health     
» Food quality and security     
» Food industry     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» FP7
» Tempus
» Fogarty International Research Collaboration
» Fulbright
» Wilhelm von Humboldt Foundation
» neuroscience
» neurobiology of cognitive development disorders
» development of plasticity and brain repair after perinatal damage
» pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease
» functional genomics
» genome chips
» proteomics
» mass spectrometry
» metabolomics
» molecular biology
» bone morphogenic proteins and biological regeneration of tissues
» pharmacogenetics
» transplantation medicine
» hematopoietic malignancies
» congenital metabolic diseases
» clinical endocrinology and diabetes
» cardiac imaging
» endemic nephropathy
» reproductive medicine
» HIV and HCV infections
» public health with environmental medicine.
 RTD Experiences

 Description of RTD activities
The University of Zagreb School of Medicine is the oldest educational institution for medical training and research in the South-East Europe. Apart from the vigorous publication activity resulting in 1,323 papers published in high-profile international journals, including 222 co-authored with the renowned members of international research community (mainly from the USA, United Kingdom and Germany), the researchers at the Zagreb School of Medicine successfully participated in a number of international research projects. Over the past six years five projects were financed by the European Framework Program FP5, seven projects by the FP6, and one project has recently been approved for the FP7 financing. Five other projects received support within the framework of COST actions, two within the TEMPUS program, and one in the recently established Croatian-Indian research collaboration. Finally, there is a number of research initiatives and bilateral collaborations between Croatian and international research groups supported by Fogarty International Research Collaboration, Fulbright, DAAD and the Wilhelm von Humboldt Foundation.

 Experiences in international Programmes
The University of Zagreb School of Medicine encourages its faculty to participate in international research in the following areas: basic and clinical neuroscience, including neuroimaging and neurogenomics, pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease, molecular biology, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, bone morphogenic proteins and biological regeneration of tissues, pharmacogenetics, transplantation medicine, hematopoietic malignancies, congenital metabolic diseases, clinical endocrinology and diabetes and public health with environmental medicine.

Framework Programs
FP6: Improving the knowledge and practices in organ donation (Ministry of Health – partner CA)
FP6: Diagnosis of acute HCV infection and characterization of immunological events during the natural history of HCV infection (Department of Infectious Diseases, V.Burek - coordinator IP)
FP6: Genome-based therapeutic drugs for depression (Croatian Institute for Brain Research-CIBR, N.Henigsberg-partner IP)
FP6: European Leukemianet (University Hospital Center Zagreb- UHCZ - partner NoE)
FP6: Congenital disorders of glycosylation (UHCZ, I.Barić – partner CA)
FP6 FOOD: Eating-out: habits, determinants and recommendations for consumers and the EU catering sector (School of Public Health, J.Pucarin Cvetković – partner CA)
FP7: Integrating and Strengthening Genomic Research in the SEE (Center for Genomics, F.Borovečki -coordinator, REGPOT)

Cost Actions
B10 Brain Damage Repair (CIBR) S.Gajović
B21 Physiological modelling of MR image formation (Sestre milosrdnice Clinical Hospital) M..Marotti
B24 Laboratory animal science and welfare (CIBR) V.Crljen
B27 Electric neuronal oscillations and cognition (CIBR) N.Henigsberg
B35 Lipid peroxidation associated disorders (UHCZ) K.Žarković

Curriculum reform in medicine at the University of Prishtina, D.Ježek – partner JEP
Standardization in teaching of medicine, S.Kukolja Taradi – partner SCM

DAAD project:
Experimental models of Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral diabetes-related disorders, University of Würzburg, collaborators: M.Šalković and P.Riederer

FIRCA project:
Fogarty International Research Collaboration Award: Etiology of Balkan Endemic Nephropathy, Stony Brook University; collaborators: B. Jelaković and A. Grollman

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2008-04-16 / 2008-04-16